Nuts & Bolts

Learn about salary and benefits, our facilities, and living in Boston.

Base Salary*

PGY-1 – $78,540
PGY-2 – $82,500
PGY-3 – $86,350
PGY-4 – $90,750
* In addition to $10,000 stipend


  • 10h Saturday Main OR shifts ($800)
  • 24h Saturday Cardiac shifts ($2,000)
  • Preops ($100 / hr)*
  • Research arterial lines (~$300 / line)*

* Pre-ops & a-lines require a full license


Basic Benefits
Lease Guarantee Program
Stipend for Economically Disadvantaged Residents
Transportation and Parking
Child Care

Additional Perks

    • AccessAnesthesiology

    • Travel stipend
      – Once per resident: active participation in a meeting and we pay for everything (registration, transportation, lodging, food)
      – Once per year: present original primary research and we pay for everything

    • Levy Fund: apply for up to $3,000 to support resident-led research efforts

    Note that our residents became members of a union in June 2023 that will negotiate issues related to wages and benefits, so this information is subject to change.

    Our Facilities

    Mass General is not only the original teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, but also its largest. It is a quaternary care center that offers care to the full range of patient conditions.

    Hospital Beds


    Anesthetics / year

    Living in Boston

     A world-class city with a small-town feel, Boston is rich in history and culture and home to more than 50 colleges and universities. Boston is known for its sports teams and for its major cultural institutions like the Boston Ballet and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. There are many museums, galleries and restaurants to visit, along with a thriving local music scene for interested residents.

    Most area attractions are within walking distance or a short trip on public transportation. Mass General is located right by the city center, which is surrounded by a number of neighborhoods where many of our residents live. Some of the better-known areas include Harvard Square, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, South End and the North End. Other residents choose to live in surrounding towns with more suburban feels and commute to work by car. There’s no wrong way to go, and we’re happy to connect you with residents to learn more!