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MGH Anesthesia

“We have our eyes on the future, while also paying homage to our rich history of discovery.”

~ Oluwaseun Johnson-Akeju, MD, anesthetist-in-chief

Our goal is to support our residents to cultivate clinical experts and future leaders in anesthesiology. The core of our educational mission is continuous improvement, where learning-oriented individuals thrive by drawing on our incredible resources.

Daniel Saddawi-Konefka, MD, MBA
Program Director


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Get to know a bit about our greatest asset – our amazing residents and faculty.


How do we help grow our trainees. Learn about our educational philosophy, our curriculum, and our non-clinical development opportunities.


Balance and professional fulfillment are essential to thriving. Find out more about our approach to keeping ourselves well.

Non-Clinical Development

Opportunities in Research, Quality & Safety, Education, Global Health, and Administration

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Applying to MGH

Information about how to apply, application deadlines, and virtual interviews.

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diversity & Inclusion

Our department holds as a core belief that everyone is respected and valued – it doesn’t matter where they’re from, what color their skin is, who they love, or how they experience faith.

We are stronger through our differences.


Meet some of our residents

“The soul of our department is the collective energy and personalities of the staff and residents. Cliché, yet true. Our department is full of approachable, genuine, hard-working and most importantly supportive individuals who ultimately feel like family. You’ll find your fit here, which will replace some of the stressors of residency with moments of belonging and reward.”

Max Samimi

CA2 Resident

“I love MGH because not only do the people here challenge you to improve and learn every day, but they also provide a supportive atmosphere in which to do so.””

Kyla Lappo

CA2 Resident

During my interview day, every resident I met was caring, down-to-earth and incredibly dedicated to their patients. I knew that I wanted to become a clinician like them, and I am lucky to have found an incredibly supportive resident family here that reaffirms the impression I got on my interview.”

Lucy Li

CA3 Resident

For me, this program was distinguished by its commitment to resident growth. We are given a balance of guidance and autonomy in a supportive environment that allows us to learn to address challenges, as we pursue excellence in clinical care.

David Hao, MD

CA3 Resident

Get to know ALL of our residents through their short online profiles. If you’re applying and want to make a connection with anyone in particular, please just let us know. We’d be happy to make it happen.