COVID-19 Management:

Critical Care

Management Updates

UPDATES (5/4/20)

  • Empiric AbxAll patients on empiric abx for suspected bacterial PNA should be re-assessed for improvement and MDRO risk at 48-72 hours – guidance algorithm
  • Pregnancy and anticoagulation: Pregnant patients > 20 weeks should receive UFH prophylaxis, not enoxaparin

UPDATES (4/19/20)

  • Lab frequency: Ferritin/CRP not recommended after first two weeks. PT/PTT/fibrinogen recommended daily.
  • QTc monitoring: New flowsheet from EP

UPDATES (4/11/20)

  • Change to Statin Recs: Statin-naive patients who do not have a clear pre-existing primary cardiovascular indication should generally not be started on statins specifically for COVID-19
  • Doxycycline > Azithromycin: For nonpregnant patients, doxycycline is now preferred over azithromycin, which remains an alternative
  • No Daily ESR check: ESR is no longer recommended daily