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Critical Care – ICU Basics

General ICU Talks

Fluid Management in ARDS

Dr. Angie Frank (MGH intensivist)

Uncertainty in the ICU

Dr. Emily Rubin (MGH intensivist)

Physical Therapy in the ICU

Lauren McGlone (MGH physical therapist)

Shock and Vasoactive Agents

David Dudzinski (MGH intensivist)

Basics of Ventilation Modes

Dr. Alexander Kuo (MGH intensivist)

Basics of Oxygenation and Ventilation

Dr. Alexander Kuo (MGH intensivist)

Basics of Mechanical Ventilation

Dr. Kathryn Hibbert (MGH intensivist)

ICU Ventilator Physiology

Dr. Katarina Ruscic (MGH intensivist)

Basic Acute Hemodynamic Management

Dr. Alexander Kuo (MGH intensivist)


Dr. Megan Koster (MGH fellow)


Kristy Phillips, PharmD (MGH pharmacist)

Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure

Dr. Alexandra Wong (MGH intensivist)


Dr. Corey Hardin (MGH intensivist)
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