Moonlighting Policy

Jan 24, 2017

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Requirements (must read)

  • This is a voluntary moonlighting opportunity available to CA-2 and CA-3 residents with full licenses.
  • You must meet with the Program Director to discuss moonlighting and obtain written permission before taking any further steps. The following items will be considered:
    • The resident must be compliant with all of the standard processes in the department (i.e. rotation evaluation, duty hour logging, etc.)
    • The resident’s evaluations of their clinical performance.
    • The Chief Residents must have no concerns regarding the resident’s moonlighting;
    • The resident must be making reasonable progress on the yearly ABA In-Training Exams.
    • Residents employed on a J-1, H-1B or O-1 visa are ineligible to moonlight.
  • The resident will be required to provide data on a monthly basis regarding the number of days and the number of hours worked per month. Failure to provide this data accurately and completely is grounds for termination of the moonlighting privilege.
  • Moonlighting Restrictions (residents must sign a statement acknowledging that they understand these restrictions):
    • Qualified residents can moonlight only after their workday is complete.
    • Moonlighting CANNOT interfere with the resident’s clinical duties, and cannot interfere with didactic attendance.
    • Total hours (moonlighting + duty hours) must not exceed 80 hours.
    • Residents cannot moonlight past 8 PM (because 10 hours are required between shifts).
    • Residents cannot perform more than 25 hours of moonlighting in a month.
  • Residents must follow the DACCPM moonlighting policy, as well as the Partners GME Moonlighting Policy (see links on right).
  • Interested residents must also fulfill ALL of the credentialing criteria for moonlighting, including:
    • FULL Massachusetts Medical License
    • Federal DEA number as well as a Mass Controlled Substance Registration
    • A complete Resident Application for Moonlighting
    • CRICO Malpractice Extension Form, returned to the Professional Staff Benefits Office (Bulfinch 126) and a copy to the resident coordinator
      • A-G Virginia C. Rosales Tel: 617-726-9264
      • H-O Linda A. Gulla Tel: 617-726-9266
      • P-Z Virginia C. Rosales Tel: 617-724-9356
  • The resident must possess a FULL Massachusetts Medical License. 4. The resident must possess a Federal DEA number as well as a Mass Controlled Substance Registration. 5. The resident must complete a Resident Application for Moonlighting. For questions regarding the full license application, the Mass Controlled Substance Registration, Federal DEA, or CRICO contact the DACCPM Credentialing Coordinator, Jan Forney.
  • For questions regarding the administrative process, contact Kristen O’Connor.

Important Points

  • Moonlighting opportunities. Residents can perform one of the following two activities for moonlighting:
    1. Pre-operative evaluations of our unassigned patients
      • The Staff Administrator will make the preoperative assignments for the moonlighting residents.
      • Pre-operative evaluations are only to be done on patients that do not have an assigned room or assigned resident for the following day. These CANNOT be for patients to which that resident or other residents are assigned.
      • Preoperative evaluations may be reviewed for their quality and completeness and feedback will be given to the residents as an integral part of the process.
    2. Review phone screens as independent practitioners
      • A short informal orientation/tutorial on how to review phone screens in EPIC before starting is required. Please contact Dr. Laurie Shapiro to arrange a mutually convenient time.
      • If there are any follow-up items (e.g., material pending that needs to be obtained from outside offices), the resident will need to email the staff person with the relevant details. The staff will be responsible for follow-up.