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Who's Who?
  • Rotation Education Director: none
  • Ortho Division Lead: Ala Nozari, M.D.
  • Please meet with the fellows or previous month’s residents before the rotation starts to get an orientation to the setups and flow.
  • On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, we begin blocks at 6:00 AM. On Thursdays, blocks begin at 7:00 AM, but you are expected to attend Grand Rounds.

  • Regional can be very busy with as many as 20 blocks each day.  Even with the presence of fellows, you should have plenty of opportunities. Please let us know of any concerns here.

  • Skill development takes time, so expect to get basic blocks early on and more advanced blocks (e.g., paravertebral, supraclavicular, indwelling catheters) later in the month.  You will have ample opportunity to perform these blocks as your skills develop.

  • You will be expected to have a basic understanding of the relevant anatomy and regional techniques for the blocks you will be performing each day.
  • Excellent sources of information include textbooks/atlases in the anesthesia library and the following websites:
  • There is lecture every Friday from 6:30 to 7:00 AM in the Davison Conference room. The discussions cover fundamental topics in thoracic anesthesia and are determined by the speakers.

  • There will be coffee, fruit and breakfast sandwiches.
  • You should complete your room set-up by 6:25 AM so you can attend on time. We will end ON-TIME, so you can start your cases on time.

  • There is also a hands-on jet ventilator talk early in the month; this takes place at 6:30 am in OR 44.