PATA – Logistics

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Who's Who?
  • Rotation Education Director: Laurie Shapiro, M.D.
  • Rotation Coordinator: Kate Riddell, M.D. (Laurie Shapiro, M.D. after July 1, 2017)
Basic Information
  • Hours: PATA hours are 7 AM – 5 PM every weekday, except Thursdays (9 AM – 5 PM). Lunch scheduling is flexible. Everyone has a half hour for this.
  • Call: Residents on PATA take main OR call. On days you are assigned call, please be dressed in scrubs and at the Gray Desk by 5PM.
  • Unexpected absences: Should you be sick, you need to call the Gray Desk and email the Chief Residents, as usual.
  • Location: PATA is currently located in the office suite adjacent to the Jackson elevators, across from the Blood Bank. The door is coded, and the code can be obtained from the Chief Residents, Ken Shepherd or Laurie Shapiro.
Inpatient Service
  • On the inpatient service (“PIE”), scrubs or professional-level clothing is necessary as you will be interacting with patients, family, and other professionals.
  • Look for an email with specifics on the PIE service.
  • A schedule of lectures will be emailed to you for the month. These start at 7 AM, unless otherwise negotiated by staff and residents.
ACGME & Program Requirements
  • You are required to complete a one month rotation in PATA.