Orthopedics – Logistics

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Who's Who?
  • Rotation Education Director: Ersne Eromo, M.D.
  • Division Chief: Ala Nozari, M.D.
    • Assistant Division Chief: Jason Lewis, M.D.
    • OMFS Anesthesia Lead: JingPing Wang, M.D.
Case/Room Assignments
  • Cases are assigned by the Lunder 3 Team Lead on the workday before.
  • Rhinos requests must be placed by 12:00 PM but are not always guaranteed.
  • While on Orthopedic Anesthesia, you take part in the regular Main OR call pool.
  • Didactics are on Tuesday mornings, starting at 6:30 AM.
  • Dr. Eromo will email you locations and topics for your month.
ACGME / Program Requirements
  • The program requires that all residents have at least one month of Orthopedic Anesthesia.
  • The ACGME has no specific orthopedic anesthesia requirement, but does require the completion of 40 spinal anesthetics, some of which may be accomplished on this rotation.