West Roxbury VA (Senior Rotation) – Logistics

Who's Who?
  • Rotation Education Director
  • Administrative Coordinator
    • Jeanne Palumbo
    • Phone: 857-203-6070
    • Email: Palumbo@va.gov
    • Location: Building 1, 1st Floor Room 1C-114
  • Chief of Anesthesia
  • On the first day of the rotation, go to the Anesthesiology Department Office, Building 1, 1st Floor, Room 113, at the Main Campus.
    • You will need ID, OR access, including an Omnicell username. The process can take 1-2 weeks, so make sure you promptly respond to their emails.
    • Computer training occurs at Building 88, Room 8 and is needed to access patient records.
    • Your pager will be the “MGH Anesthesia Resident Senior” pager.
Phone Numbers / Paging
  • VA Operator: 617-323-770
  • Direct dial add 857-20X-XXXX to any of the West Roxbury extensions (extensions with 3)
  • Direct dial add 857-20X-XXXX to any of the Jamaica Plain extensions (extensions with 4)
  • In-Charge Anesthesiologist: Pager 50266
  • VA Paging System
    • Main Paging System phone number from outside: 857‐203‐3000
      • Website: http://www.spok.com/
        • Go to send a message, type in the full pager number 617‐70X‐XXXX, type in your text message
Case Assignment
  • The schedule is made the day prior by the “In-Charge Anesthesiologist.” If you have preferences, let them know.
  • The schedule for following day available to review in Anesthesiology Work Room.
Typical Day / Late Stay / Call
  • Typical day
    • Hours: 7:00AM – 5:30PM (not including set-up time).
      • “In room” time is 7:30 AM except Fridays. On Fridays, “in room” time is 8:30 AM (after conference).
    • The basic set-up provided by Anesthesia Technicians. Additional equipment and medications (including infusions) should be set up by you.
  • Late Stay / Call
    • At the WRVA:
      • Every Tuesday, you have Late Call followed by Home Call.
        • In this role, you complete ongoing cases, then take home call home call
        • If there is a case after you go home, the attending on call will page you to come in
          • If you are there after 9 PM, then you will come in late the next day (you should have 10 hours off between shifts).
          • If you are there after midnight, then you will have the next day off.
    • At MGH: You will participate in weekend call (typically 2x per month).
  • Every Friday morning at 7:00AM there is Journal Club / Grand Rounds / M&M.