Wellness is about balance, but also fulfillment at work, community, and support during tough times.

Balance + Fulfillment

Ensuring the wellbeing of our residents is extremely important to us. Work-life balance is an important start, but we believe that it’s not enough. Work itself should also be fulfilling. Our model focuses on promoting wellbeing through work-life balance and by promoting intrinsic motivation and purpose at work.

We draw heavily from Self-Determination Theory, one of the most empirically-backed theories of intrinsic motivation and wellbeing. The theory describes three basic psychological needs (a sense of control, a sense of effectiveness, a sense of relatedness) that individuals need for psychological wellbeing.

When these basic needs are met, people thrive.

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is essential. We deliberately facilitate this in several ways.

  • Four weeks of vacation per year
  • Up to an additional five days of meeting per year
  • Up to 8 weeks of parental leave, fully supported with pay and benefits
  • Academic days (7a-3p) prior to most weekday MOR call, instead of 24h call
  • Social outings throughout the year:  wine tasting, apple picking, Spring Fling, annual retreats
  • Many more perks and benefits

Support for Tough Times

Sometimes life deals you a bad hand. You should never feel that you have to face it alone. We’ve got you. We’ll always have an ear to support you through whatever you need, and we have confidential programs designed for trainees.

  • Employee Assistance Program: free and confidential resources and mental health support
  • Peer Support Program: Tough case? We’ve been there too – talk to a trained peer about your experience
  • Need time away from training: we’ll support you, continuing pay and benefits for at least two months

The Emotional PPE Project

We are dedicated to breaking down barriers and connecting people with the help they need.

In response to the COVID pandemic, our Program Director co-founded a non-profit organization (emotionalppe.org) dedicated to connecting ALL healthcare workers in need with licensed mental health professionals who can help – all at no cost and no insurance. The project is nationwide and has been featured in many outlets, including the TODAY show, Scripps, among others.

As a healthcare worker yourself, you can use the service anytime for free. We don’t track any personal data, so it’s risk free.